How to check NIN number online

How to check NIN number online

How to check NIN number online. At a point in time, you may need to use your NIN number which may not be readily available to you owing to some reasons. Your National Identity Number Slip issued to you by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) might have been lost, washed with your clothes and it becomes illegible burnt or stolen by evil doers who might want to use it for fraudulent sim registration.

Another reason you may be looking for how to check NIN number online is either is NIN slip is lost. Another reason your NIN may not be with you is either you did not register at all or you left it at home and you need it urgently.

Well never bother yourself too much as there is a USSD code you can dial on your phone, whichever network you are using, the code is the same. The code is *346# For now, there is no how to check nin number online, the only way available is the use of the USSD code.

Do not forget that networks charge N20 for your NIN number to be sent to your phone. You must at least have the minimum of N20 on your phone before you can access this service. Either glo, MTN, Airtel or 9mobile, they all charge the same amount.

Had it been you have either your NIN slip with you or the plastic ID card issued by the National Identity Management Commission, you will not have any reason looking for how to check NIN number online.

The slip and plastic ID card contain all your information, starting from the date of birth, NIN number, state of origin, barcode hiding your information and your passport photograph.

If you have not registered for NIN number before, you are advised to walk into any nearby NIMC office in your state or local government to register. There are also some authorized registration centres who can do this for you.

How To Check Nin Number Online Using USSD Code

Use this code only if you have already registered for NIN. And the steps highlighted below are the way to go about it. As you can see from the screenshot below, after dialing*346#, you will be show this options, from which you will select 1and then send. You will then be shown your NIN number.

How to check NIN number online
  1. Use the same phone number you used for NIN enrollment during the  registration and dial  *346#
  2. Select 1 from the options displayed.
  3. Enter the required details and your NIN details will be displayed on your phone and you will be charged N20.
  4. And as for now, there is no how to check nin number online. USSD code is the only option.
How to check NIN number online

How to Check if Your NIN Card is Ready for Collection

If you want to know whether your NIN card is ready for collection, visit and navigate through the site to check whether your NIN card is available for collection.

To do this, navigate to the e-ID Card Status Portal. This is where to check for the readiness and availability of your card and it can be collected at the NIMC office where you registered in your state.

Enter your firstname, surname and NIMC tracking number, then click on check now.
This will tell you whether your card is ready or not.

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